There are 6 billion of us in this world. And yet no two people are alike. Even if they have the same name, age, ethnicity, and even physical features – they still would differ in their interests and preferences. Which makes each one of us… unique.

What makes this fascinating is how special each one of us is. Our looks, talents, preferences, aptitudes are unique to each individual. And yet we spend our lives trying our best to emulate another person’s life. I believe we are unique for a purpose, and the perfection of our existence is to be the best person we can be – and realise the fullest of our potential.

This blog is a journey of my application of the content referenced in the popular ‘7 Habits of Effective People’ book. It is a collection of my thoughts, realisations, and a personal collection of memoirs that, should it benefit another person, would be a one aspect of reaching the perfection of my potential.


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